Fact: One in four women in the United States die from heart disease, one in thirty die from breast cancer.

Fact: More women than men have died from heart disease each year since 1984.

Here are four simple tips to reduce the risk of heart disease:

1. Become more physical- even doing moderate exercise three times a week such as walking for twenty minutes can have a positive outcome.

2. Reduce your stress– Take a deep breathe, take time for yourself , read a book or meditate. Keep your blood pressure down.

3. Kick the habit– quit smoking- studies show that people who smoke are at twice the risk for a heart attack than non-smokers. Drink in moderation.

4. Eat right– eat fish high in omega 3 such as salmon, tuna or mackerel. try poultry, it is low in fat and full of protein. Eat lots of fruits they are high in vit. c and potassium. Increase your whole grains, they help regulate your blood pressure and help lower your cholesterol.

We want to recognize how important it is to take care of yourself and your heart. So, we want to invite you to wear red in the month of February and stop by Doreen’s office to pick up your free little red dress pin.